We are Investors' Resources Asset Management--InvestRAM, Inc. We are a corporate, asset management and investment banking advisory company. We work with companies and high-networth individuals in managing risks and maximizing income. We cast the widest possible net, always looking for new, unique, and profitable investment opportunities, risk management strategies, and operating programs. The cornerstone for our success is based on the relationships that we cultivate over a vast array of diverse companies and investors.

We are particularly strong in the management of investment portfolios, asset-liability structures, real estate asset management, property management, mortgage origination, servicing, and portfolio management, and asset securitizations. We have provided advisory services to financial institutions, governmental and non-profit entities, institutional investors, real estate developers, mortgage bankers, REITs, investment funds, and securities broker-dealers. We have the knowledge, the skill, the experience, and the relationships that set us apart as a unique advisory company.


Please explore our site and find out how we can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are seeking financing, selling property, planning a porfolio, managing properties, or involved in unique real estate situations, see how we can open doors and opportunities for you.


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